Sunday, 16 December 2012

For Perfect Straight Hair .....

1. A Blow Dryer
2. Shampoo
3. Moisturizing Conditioner
4. Heat Protectant Spray or Gel (Straightening balm)
5. Mixture of white liquid of egg(liquid part other than yolk) and curd

Step 1
You will need to wet your hair initially with mixture of white liquid of egg and curd . And then leave it for 20 - 30 mins . You will get rock hard hair .

Step 2
After wash Your hair with Shampoo and Moisturizing Conditioner, then towel dry Hair .
Step 3
Blow dry hair on low heat, Combing gently with Fingers.

Step 4
Spritz with a quick spray of hair spray.

Step 5
Your done and should now have beautiful straight hair.
You will get a shiny , stick straight hair looks like polished

Sunday, 26 August 2012


Melbourne is feast of senses like glorious architecture , lifestyle , culture and ethnicity . Melbourne recently took out top honours in the World’s Most Liveable Cities ranking . I would like to visit a city like melbourne , i would like to experience the feel of "MELBURIANS" , I like to know there culture , lifestyle and etc .
                                            I saw canterbury photos of melbourne in internet and calender , i am very much pleased to autumn canterbury in melbourne , it's my dream to vist canterbury in melbourne.    
                Melbourne is an international cultural centre, with cultural endeavours spanning major events and festivals, drama, musicals, comedy, music, art, architecture, literature, film and television . UNESCO named melbourne as city of literature . As a guy like me interested in literature , i prefer to visit melbourne and make myself familiar with melbourne culture.
                                                 I am also interested to visit melbourne zoo , melbourne aquariam having thousands of under water animals and also i would like to visit melbourne's largest screen having the worlds largest 3D image, i would love to go to victoria and try the wonderful fresh available raspberries and etc.
                                The natural beauty of in surroundings of melbourne is really sounds awesome , so i like to explore the city as much i can .

Monday, 16 April 2012


    From my childhood i am very much passionate about motorcycle riding . My father had a Bajaj Chetak scooter , all my childhood i used to stand on front of the scooter grabbing the handle with my small hands and enjoys the air currents which touches my face . When i get into my engineering i got my own bike yamaha FZ-S ..... When i am riding my bike i will get a feel that i am the ruler of roads .... I used to go college on bike which is 14kms away from my home .... I used to enjoy each and every second on my bike riding.
         I like my yamaha FZ-S black and green color and  its engine sound very much ..... I like to go long tours on my bike ... but till now my maximum long distance i covered is to a place srisailam which is 300 kms far away from my home town .... i traveled all alone on bike ... srisailam is a place situated on a hill to reach that place nearly we have to travel 20-30 kms of ghat road ... The real adventurous feel i got there for first time on bike ... the turnings , curves ,slopes etc which makes my bike driving so thrilling and i never get that type of feel before .. Till now i didnt make this type of thrilling bike ride... i am waiting to get once more chance of bike riding like that......      
                                               I LOVE RIDING BIKE                                                                               Link to castrol biking: