Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Shopping in QVENDO

            QVENDO is India’s first online private shopping club, delivering European Fashion Brands at a discount to the world’s fastest growing affluent customer segment in India.
            QVENDO takes a pristine selection of TOP EU and US fashion and accessory Brands, and combines it with a strong discount advantage and full-service delivery to the doorstep.
            The QVENDO family members enjoy the same quality products found in European stores at lower prices. In addition to selling brands such as Armani, True Religion, Hugo Boss and Calvin Klein, Qvendo is also committed to fostering the growth of up and coming boutique designers. All taxes and rates are calculated at the time of purchase and merchandise is delivered quickly via FedEx straight to the customer’s door. Besides, the online private shopping club grants membership through private invitation from other customers or the Qvendo corporate staff.

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