Tuesday, 7 May 2013


                        Healthcare at present time has become a fundamental right in most countries. Many of the  governments are increasing their allocation of the budget in providing it to the society. Initially when human was born , survived in the folds of nature . Later new inventions and maturity in human beings changed the lifestyle and there conditions ... In taking care of health humans brought a drastic change ... We humans came out from the folds of nature and developed a sophisticated health world .... curing and challenging any type of disease .
                        Modern medicine and sophisticated health world came to rescue our lives . Modern medical practices like, Artificial insulin helping diabetic patients to follow there routine normal lifestyle , Pacemakers brought life for many people , To do micro level surgery fiber optics became a key thing, .. With increase in modern healthcare conditions the life expectancy of human beings is increased ... 
                          But this modern and sophisticated healthcare is just touching the rich lives not all lives , poor people are dragging away from the modern healthcare because of there poverty.... There is no reason how modern healthcare developed until it reach everyone in the society ...... 
                          Whatever how modern healthcare developed there are many areas to explore ... !!!