Wednesday, 18 May 2011

LOCK-IT-TIGHT......Locate and monitor your computer from anywhere remotely

                                   "Lock It Tight" is an antitheft application that you can install on any laptop or netbook of yours. Once the application has been installed, it will begin tracking its position at all times. This means that if the worst comes to be and someone steals it away, you will be able to pinpoint the exact location of your computer at all times. Plus, Lock It Tight can take screenshots at a set periodicity and show you what the thief is doing with your computer, unaware that you are watching his every move.
                                   "Lock It Tight" can actually take pictures of the thief, using the webcam that laptops and netbooks always pack. So, there is no way the delinquent could claim he had nothing to do with what has happened afterwards.
                                   This Lock It Tight can auto-update itself. That is done invisibly - the thief will never know such a thing is taking place right under his nose, in the same way he is unaware that his position is being tracked.

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