Wednesday, 11 May 2011

EASY DATA MEDIA PLAYER.......better than VLC PLAYER                                          
                              Easy-Data Mediaplayer is small and plays almost every movie format out there. It is capable of playing movies in high resolution even on older computers. The player is packed with effects you can use: adjust picture/sound, equalizer, OSD layers, Text etc, along with several filters. You can you watch a movie, join several movies into one, split videos, extract audio from a movie, combine audio and video, make movies out of your desktop (or parts of it), create movie out of pictures, decode a movie frame by frame, create snapshots and thumbnails of movie files, create movies from webcam + much more.
                                You can convert any movie to any format by using this EASY DATA MEDIA PLAYER......
             Download and install this EASY DATA MEDIA PLAYER  freely from the site..............

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